About Us

About IQWaterloo and our Team Commitments to our Clients

We work best with businesses who have a online presence, how are not seeing a desirable return on investment from it. We quickly turn that around for our approved clients.

We foster relationships founded on results, mutual trust, honesty from our staff, clients and corporate partners. Our group of professionally trained Mobile App, Mobile Website, SEO and Social Media Experts consistently deliver outstanding results that combine original ideas with our immense experience. We build sustainable and meaningful connections with your prospects by engaging them with your brand name on mobile apps and social media.

People want what their friends want, that's why Social Media is climbing the face of Search Engine Rankings. Get a Free Digital Marketing Consultation and Free SEO Analysis.

Our founders area of expertise in search engine optimization spans from 2001. We have been passionate about Digital Marketing and SEO, climbed ranking summits like ranking for impossible to image keywords in the most competitive niches such as the Cellphone Plan, Refurbished Computer, Order Business Cards Online, etc...

The harder the mission the more we like it. Using mobile apps, digital marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing can double your sales with half the effort.

We Are Abundantly Passionate About Our Approved Clients Revenue Growth & Digital Marketing Results!

Our digital marketing works speak for themselves. Outstanding Results serve original and creative ways to reach new customers — no matter the size of the project. Please visit our Portfolio and Vision.