Mobile App Marketing

Your Mobile App Marketing Tips

Mobile App Marketing is really simple.  We publish your app for iOS, Android, and HTML5 all at once with our seamless 3-in-1 system. Our automated submission process makes sure your dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s – 96.5% of apps built on our platform are published successfully to the app stores.  View the video for a demo off our mobile app marketing tools.

Track your Mobile App Marketing

Mobile App Marketing includes Analytics to view usage and engagement metrics like downloads by device type, app sessions, and average time in app.  Capture important user demographic info, giving you more insight into your customer base than ever before.  Monitor feature usage to inform future revisions to your app.

Mobile App Marketing Management.  Easy Login – Once you launch Skipper simply log into your application’s account to view all your users’ activity. Social Media – Connect your Twitter and Facebook to your business’ application. Interact With Users – Send targeted push notifications to your users, see orders, reservations, and loyalty interactions made. Enhanced Analytics – See how many users have downloaded and interact with your business’ application.


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